Meals on wheels

Fall 2016

A fun sandwich kit that keeps away from crumbs and eating with bare hands.

How could we improve meals on vehicles?

People pack their own food to work or school. However, having fast-paced lifestyles made them clash with the several problems of on-the-go meals :               

1. When packing meals, people are often flustered because they don't know how they should pack utensils.                
2. They want to avoid unsanitary and messy ways to eat their food.

Analysis & Conclusion

For the ones who eat on the bus on the way back home, having to take out utensils or to eat with bare hands is a hassle. To fix this problem, the Meals on Wheels contains reusable silicone wrappings that hold sandwiches and other stick snacks. They are flexible so that the user can peel and fold as she eats, until she finishes the last few bites.

Problem Analyzing Process

Understanding the audience groups and what their wants are to create convincing arguments.

User goals

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