Fall 2016

A sustainable lawncare system design that makes lawn care routines easier and faster.

  • System
  • UX Design
  • Industrial Design
  • Brand language


In Junior Products Studio class, my team and I worked on a six-week project to design a product for an unfamiliar target audience and environment: the elderly who care for their lawns. In order to better understand the experience, we conducted interviews, task analyses and in-depth research through site-visits.

Task Analysis

In order to learn about the experience, I observed a classmate in action to understand in detail how she would perform her tasks and achieve intended goals.

The Problem

What do people struggle with during lawn care?

Storing Fertilizer
Spreading Fertilizer


Final Decision


Dimension Explorations

Visual Brand Identity Implementation

Study Models

Low-fidelity model exploration

Final Presentation


As a result of this process, I am confident in my ability to communicate the user’s perspective through their eyes. This project drew on my experience understanding multiple perspectives after living in six different countries and cultures. Designing for the elderly, I was able to practice putting the user’s experience before my own biased views.

Tina Jiwoo Park
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