Yahoo! gemini

Product Design Intern
Summer 2017

Last summer, I worked on multiple upcoming launches; one of them required an update to a legacy user workflow. For this feature, I worked closely with the design leader of Yahoo! Gemini, a product manager, user researcher, and a front end engineer.

I created multiple task flow diagrams, which were evaluated against user needs and system requirements. I proposed multiple unique flows, wireframes and prototypes to confirm the solution is the most efficient for users. I also worked with an experienced Visual designer to illustrate an icon that could be easily understood and conveyed a new concept to our users.

I learned a tremendous amount about digital marketing since the work required a detailed understanding of complex terms and user needs that are specific to the advertising industry.

My final high-fidelity designs are currently being developed, and will be launched within a few weeks, so come back to check it out!



UX Design, Industrial Design, Brand Identity

Meals On Wheels

UX Design, Industrial Design, Brand Identity


UX Design, Industrial Design, BME Design

Cultural Probes

Research Methods, Design Thinking, Brand Identity


UX Design, Industrial Design, Brand Identity

A mobile app that allows users to check the 
crowdedness and the atmosphere of cafes.


UX Design, Website Design, HTML/CSS

A music sharing service that allows members to save
music, and videos from other medias to their board.


Tina Jiwoo Park
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